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Do you have a gift card that you're not using? At Buffalo Gold Rush, we'll buy your gift cards for a price higher than anyone else. Whether you have a gift card for Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy or another store, bring it by our store and we'll offer you a great deal. We serve customers in Cheektowaga and the surrounding areas.

Apart from gift cards, we also buy and sell gold, jewelry, silver, platinum, electronics and almost anything else that has value. We've provided a safe and welcoming environment to exchange goods for several years, and we're become one of the most popular pawn shops in the city.

Our rates include 70-75% for Walmart, Tops and Best Buy, and 65-70% for Lowe's. We have a list of all our rates on our main website. If you don't think you'll be using your gift card and you want to exchange it for cash, come visit our store!

Please visit our main website for more information.

Gift Card Buyers - Cheektowaga, NY

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